Diesel 2.0

Diesel 2.0 -- Timing and communication (2)

There’s enough cruft that is blocked on a major version bump that I think we should start discussing how we handle 2.0. I think it’s important that we treat this as we would any other version. No breaking change we make…

Diesel 2.0 -- What goes here? (2)
Please improve the API of embedded migrations (1)
Proposed Change: Add Send bound to Boxed query types (1)
Proposed Change: Add unsigned types to MysqlType (1)
Proposed change: Replace `NonAggregate` with something less broken that can support `GROUP BY` (6)
Roadmap for diesel 2.0 (1)
Proposed change: Use an opaque struct instead of `[u8]` for `Mysql::RawValue` and `Pg::RawValue` (3)
Proposed Change: Allow expressions in limit/offset on PG (3)
Custom backend implementations (1)