Cross compiling diesel

Dear all

I am trying to cross compile a rust programm using Diesel and PostgresSQL for ARM 6. Naturally this results in a native dependency on libpg (and potentially others?). I am new to cross compiling and wanted to ask if you know any sources that explains how to cross compile Diesel (preferably for ARM 6)?


PS: I did succesfully cross compile with non-native dependenceis. (no Diesel, or SSL or the like)

You may want to have a look at this repository. It contains a docker image that can be used to cross compile diesel for the musl target. While this does not target arm6 it should make the principle of cross compiling rust with native dependencies clear.
In the end all boils down to compile all native dependencies with the right C-compiler + set a few environment variables. If you have an running arm6 system you can probably also receive the required libraries from there and skip the step of manually building them.

Thanks for the pointer. I will take a look. Much appreciated!