Using `Url` in diesel structs

I am wondering if there is any way to use the url::Url type from the url crate in diesel structs, such as this:

#[derive(Clone, Queryable, Identifiable, PartialEq, Debug, Serialize)]
#[table_name = "community"]
pub struct Community {
  pub id: i32,
  pub actor_id: Url,

The code above fails to compile with these errors:
the trait AppearsOnTableschema::community::table is not implemented for Url
the trait diesel::Expression is not implemented for Url

I couldnt find any documentation for implementing these traits, could you point me to those docs if they exist? Of course it is also possible that the traits need to be implemented either in diesel or in url directly. In that case I would open an issue, but I have no idea which project I should open the issue in.

Here is the issue for this in our repo